RealDatesNow – What Is It?

RealDatesNow is a newish online dating site that specializes in hookups, casual affairs and no strings attached sex. It’s quite simple and streamlined as far as dating sites go, boasting minimalistic features but just enough to give you multiple ways to find your next bedroom companion.

Before we dive in, we should mention that RealDatesNow is, unlike so many dating sites on today’s scene, totally legit. It’s got real users, real women and no subscription traps. That means you don’t have to worry that the mods behind the site are just looking to molest your wallet. RealDatesNow comes from a company name Qualidates and they’re quite reputable.

First Impressions

RealDatesNow won’t blow you away with its design and layout. It utilizes a classic black and red color scheme and there’s a seductive brunette biting her lip on the home screen. These two elements alone let you know that RealDatesNow isn’t a place to find love, it’s a place to find someone to pump and dump.

You’ll need to register for a free account to get started. Once you’re registered, you can start looking around for potential fuck buddies, but you’ll need to purchase a paid membership if you actually want to message anyone. This is pretty standard for all modern dating sites though, but at least you get to sample the site for committing.


Grid style browsing

RealDatesNow is grid-style dating site, which means it’s the opposite of Tinder. Instead of relying on a matchmaking system (although there is one available), you can browse through users, look at their pictures and see their profiles in full. There are no limitations when it comes to seeing everything about other members.


Of course, messages are the most important feature of any dating app. You’ll need a premium membership to start private chats (more on that in the next section), and those with the most expensive membership option will get their messages pushed to the top of the recipient’s inbox.

Swipe feature

Whatever your opinion on swiping functions, it’s hard to deny they get results. They take all of the effort out of meeting people in a virtual environment, but some folks actually prefer it like that. Naturally, Real Dates Now has a matching function ala Tinder so you can spend your evenings swiping through faces.

‘Meet Now’

The name says it all. The ‘Meet Now’ feature helps you meet people who want to meet… now. Some people log on dating apps to find a fuck friend for the following night or the weekend, but everyone on the Meet Now feature is ready to drop their pants at a moment’s notice.

Search function

Searching functions tend to suck on dating sites. However, Real Dates Now’s search feature is actually really good. Not only can you search by username, location, age, etc, but you can also filter down by more specialized criteria like education levels, specific interests, income, etc.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Real Dates Now utilizes the regular subscription model. That means you need to pay monthly to get unlimited access to everything the website offers. There are no coin plans, only a choice of three different payment plans. Here’s how they break down:

  • Bronze / 1 Month – $44.99
  • Silver / 3 Months – $79.99
  • Gold / 6 Months – $149.99

Each paid membership offers the same perks (unlimited messaging), however the Gold option offers one additional advantage. When Gold members send a message, it appears at the top of the recipient’s inbox. This is a major plus and really improves your chances of finding no strings attached sex. You need to cancel your account to stop payments.


Real dating site

Yes, Real Dates Now is full of real girls. It’s quite sad that we have to say this in a dating site review, but not every site is as pure as Real Dates. Sure, there might be a couple of fake profiles hanging around, but on the whole, 99% of the users you chat with will be completely real. Don’t worry about getting scammed.

Sex based

Real Dates Now is a pure hookup site. Very few users are on here for long term relationships. Hell, half of them don’t even want to date. They just want to meet up and do the no-pants dance. It’s quite surprising really, since the site name doesn’t sound like it would attract people only interested in sex but for some reason it does.


RealDatesNow is big on privacy. They don’t ask for contact details or personal information or anything like that when you first register with the website, and they don’t let anyone but registered members see profiles. Obviously, you might not want anybody to know you’re on a dating website, so RealDatesNow takes the steps to keep your naughty antics discreet.

Good moderators

The mods on Real Dates Now offer an incredible service. They’re very quick on the draw when it comes to deleting fake profiles or answering any support queries. Great moderation is a surefire sign of a decent online dating site.

Regular coupon codes

As you’ll see from our pricing section, Real Dates Now is a pretty expensive piece of software. However, you don’t always have to pay full price, especially as the site regularly offers coupons for discounts on your subscription.


Some bugs

Real Dates hasn’t been around as long as some other online dating platforms, therefore, you’ll need to accept that it’s website and app aren’t fully smoothed out yet. You’ll find a few kinks that need sorting out, especially on the app. And while they’re a little annoying, using the app or site is still mostly a positive experience.


To say RealDatesNow is expensive is putting it mildly. Even the 6 month option, which should be the cheapest, asks for a whopping $150. Not only that, but there are no trial plans available to sample the site before you commit. Therefore, most people are forced to swallow at least $45.

Premium membership needed

As a free member, you can’t do much. You have the ability to look around and see if anyone grabs your attention, but if you want to actually connect with these horny women and get involved in the Real Dates community, you’ll need a premium membership.

RealDatesNow - Genuine Dating Site For Real Sex

RealDatesNow is a pretty decent dating site overall. It doesn’t overload itself with unnecessary features and it’s real easy to navigate. It’s well designed, and pretty much all the other members on here are just looking for sex.

Is it the best dating site ever made? Certainly not. It’s still got a lot of kinks that need ironing out, but it’s still a worthwhile place to check out if you’re into hookup culture. The irony of RealDatesNow is that you won’t get real dates, but you will get real sex.

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