Reasons to Date a Bengali Girl

Stylish, emotional, passionate and independent – all in one can only be found in a Bengali girl! Around them you will feel a certain energy, a companion for whom you can die for. Guys! I am not exaggerating. If you are lucky enough to find your soulmate, you know it’s the best decision you have ever made. For the rest of the eligible single men, here are 10 reasons to find out how it is to date a Bong bombshell and fall flat for her.

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1. She is a Foodie – Just What You Have Always Wanted

She will be always with you whenever your gluttonous tongue looks for Biriyani or Butter Paneer Masala. Bong girls have little concern about their figure as they are magically always in shape for secret reasons!

2. Want to Flatter Her – Gift Her a Book

Yes, guys! That’s it. They won’t bite your pocket asking for expensive gifts.

3. Those Big Eye – Your Heart Skip a Bit

Those big eyes with Kajal will always allure you to go to your fantasy world and do the imaginary dance like Shahrukh.

4. Durga Puja Guide

She can be an awesome guide during the crowded Durga puja pandals when you feel clueless finding the row for men!

5. You will find Vikas Khanna in a woman

Her mouth-watering homemade food will make you crazy and you will always want her to cook for you in every other day.

6. Cool Parents to handle

Bong parents are super cool and it is not hard to please her father as he is as modern as Yami’s father from “Vicky Donor”.

7. Talkative to Brighten Up your Dull Moment

From the conversation of Auto rickshaw wala to the love story of her boss, her friend’s wedding to the boy gazing at her … She needs to share everything with you in the most dramatic way ever.

8. Say YES to Biriyani – Always

She can seriously overshadow your passion for Biriyani!

9. Those Nice Nicknames

Leave those boring love names like “My baby”, “Cutie”, “Choco pie” as you will get new names like Babu, Shona, Puchu, Golu, Babai and many more sweet and touchy names from her.

10. Bengali Wedding Ceremony – A Gaga Affair

If you are lucky enough to get hitched with the girl of your dreams, then you will have the grandest wedding of the century with all the rituals and ceremonies.

Now don’t tell me this is this your reaction!

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